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Position Monitoring System

On March 27th 2016 the first oil was loaded from the Goliat FPSO to Hilda Knutsen Shuttle tanker. Parker PMS™ and RPMS™ is installed both on the shuttle tanker and the FPSO to increase security for personnel, environment and equipment in these potential harsh waters

Parker PMS™ plays a crucial role in first loading of oil at the Goliat FPSO. The Parker PMS™ and RPMS™ have been enhanced and modified especially for the Goliat operation, and will continue to play a crucial role in safety during crude oil loading. The modifications and upgrades is specially designed to help protecting the artic environment

Extra security measures, to preserve the artic environment, is implemented in the PMS/RPMS. The software enables both the shuttle tanker and the FPSO to view and log oil flow information during the loading procedures, and alarms will notify personnel if unplanned incidents occur. In addition the shuttle tanker’s NMVOC emission information is displayed and logged onboard both the shuttle tanker and the Goliat FPSO.
About Parker Position Monitoring System:

Position Monitoring System displayed in operator control room on Goliat.
Foto: R. Stokka

Parker PMS™ is a vessel position surveillance system and is used for offshore oil loading at various buoy types. The PMS™ is connected to the vessels positioning systems together with other sensors.

It has been designed for shuttle tankers worldwide and is engaged when the oil loading procedure starts at the oil loading location.

Parker RPMS™ gives the crew onboard the FPSO detailed information on all the shuttle tankers navigational sensors, attitude sensors, environmental sensors, Dynamic Positioning system and more.
Also vital for the loading operation is information given from sensors during the loading procedure:
Flow loading rate.
Temperature and pressure from crude oil loading flow line.
Gas emission analysis on flow line.
Ullage measuring – Radar Based tank gauges.
Continuous monitoring for percent concentration of water in oil emulsions on flow line.
The Parker PMS™ provides a logging facility to record all system input to data files.
Customer reference:
“Parker PMS is a most valuable tool in the daily operation of the DP shuttle tankers. Besides being an instrument for verification of quality and accuracy of the positioning reference systems used with the DP, it also offers independent pre-warning and alarming in case an abnormal position keeping situation should come into being.”
“An area where the Parker PMS has even more proven its legitimacy is as an instrument for incident investigation.  The fact that raw data from all DP sensors and position reference systems are stored together with DP alarm printouts enables us to virtually reconstruct every movement of the shuttle tanker during its operating on DP. It is also appreciated by our customers that Parker Maritime as a company holds an unbiased position with respect to prepare incident evidence reports based on stored data from the Parker PMS unit.”

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