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Air gap survey

Air Gap Survey

Parker Maritime can establish the distance from a platform topside to the sea surface. The vertical distance between the lowest point of the installation’s topside and the lowest astronomical tide (LAT) is defined as the “Airgap”.
Distance measurement:

- Distance measured from platform to sea level
- Distance accuracy better than 20 mm
- Sampling rate is better than every two seconds
- Relative to the installation coordinate system
- Platform inclination survey (optional)
- Air pressure logging (optional)
A laser is mounted to measure from a reference onboard the installation. Continuous measurements are done over a period of approximately 35 days.

A proprietary solution – Parker AGL - enables local or remote logging, monitoring and QC of measurements. Client interface if desired.
Air gap
A proprietary solution is used to extract the data and present the sea level over time relative to the installation. Data handling is conducted in cooperation with various accredited project partners to estimate the MSL and LAT.


- Air Gap Survey
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