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Offshore wind installation survey

Offshore Wind Installation Survey

Installing offshore wind foundations demand precision
surveys on the fly.
Parker Maritime is using a GNSS based heading system combined with proprietary software adapted to monopile (MPi), anode cage (ACi) and transition piece installation survey support (TPi). We can also provide survey support for the rest of the WTG installation.

The Parker Maritime system enables real time monitoring of the lifted object, as well as heading and inclination via telemetry on a computer during the installation process. Reports covering leveling guide, relative movement, attitude and other variables are produced while installation is ongoing.
Furthermore, flatness and ovality of top-flanges as well as other surveying needs are catered for utilizing state-of-the art tools and methodology. Final field documentation is handed over immediately after each installation, and while the installation vessel is still alongside the installed object.

The image below shows a screenshot from our ParkerTPi software, which is further adaptable to fit unique client needs.
The image shows a screenshot from our ParkerTPi software which is further adaptable to unique client needs
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