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Subsea metrology

Subsea metrology using photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is a method for extracting 3D coordinates and dimensions from images.
If you can see it, we can measure it!

Subsea metrology using photogrammetry, as developed by Parker Maritime, is the most accurate method to measure distances subsea. We are able to deliver measurement of subsea structures with accuracies better than 1:5000 of measured distance.

Spool metrology
Parker Maritime performs subsea spool metrologies using photogrammetry or in combination with other technologies and methods. The distance accuracy is guaranteed better than 1/5000 (10mm per 50meters) when the water visibility is a minimum of 2 meters. 

Metrology of other structures
We combine our photogrammetry solution with other survey methods and deliver metrology of templates, jackets, risers, hubs, nodes, flanges, piles, manifolds, clamps, caissons, spools, propellers, funnels, shipwreck hulls, structural dents, water pipes and more.  Accuracies up to 1/30000 (10mm in 300meters) can be achieved.
- Millimetre and sub-millimetre accuracy
- Reliable results every time
- Fast mobilization and field work
- Additional dimensions without new field survey
- Same accuracy in all three axis


- Underwater Photogrammetry Article from Hydro

- Measure 50 meters under water with accuracy
  better than 10 millimeters

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Reality Modeling

Reality Modeling

Parker Maritime creates photo realistic 3D models without the need of markers by combining subsea images with ROV positioning or other input.
Our Reality modeling can be combined with other 3D point data to re-construct and document assets and infrastructure. The method improves access to and management of information – especially for larger infrastructure assets like pipelines.
We are continuously developing methods, which help our clients save costs and believe this approach and method will improve the ability to detect changes to inspected assets.

Parker SICAMS®

Parker SICAMS® is the perfect method and tool for high accuracy subsea metrology.
Our subsea photogrammetry solution Parker SICAMS™ has proved its value in numerous subsea projects where accurate dimensions have been of critical importance.

SICAMS® can be operated by ROV or diver, and is constructed for depths up to 1500 meters.  We are also able to expand to greater water depths when and if needed.
If you can see it, we can measure it!


- Parker SICAMS® brochure
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